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Shiatsu - Healing with fingertips

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Shiatsu - Healing with fingertips

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Apart from the "scientific" school medicine, the official and officially founded salutary doctrine, founded by anatoria, physiology and experiment, there is the "Chinese medicine"

From this East Asian history and culture "Shiatsu" was first developed in Japan and later adapted to China.


"Shiatsu" is a healing practice whose origins are rooted in the otherwise foreign Japanese tradition. We Europeans recognize certain features that we would like to associate with chiropractic, connective tissue massage or reflex therapy in order to make it comprehensible with the concepts available to us at the beginning.


Whoever is studying this Shiatsu book, however, will realize that something else is aimed and achieved here, and that it is just beside the s.g. Western science still has a lot of other knowledge, which is worth it to ponder or to execute it or try it out.


This is the reason why I am convinced that many people, even if they are not born therapists, will profit from this for themselves. The author has successfully treated thousands of patients as a long-time and experienced naturopath, and has succeeded in convincing her of Shiatsu as a healing method.


The author and therapist tried to explain the application of Shiatsu in as intelligible form as possible, it should be pointed out that the explanations concerning pathological, physiological and anatomical connections correspond to the author's method of healing and the author's philosophy.


Shiatsu is empiricism and practice, and will surely continue to be successful in the future, as well as other healing methods and practices that have entered the healing world.

Shiatsu is an interesting method which is sure to be very serious, and also to be applied by laymen with an intuitive understanding, which particularly improves the movement apparatus and the energy points, which often represent the boundary between healthy and sick, and remedies fatigue and exhaustion.


Already the invitation, in our fast-moving and stressful times to spend a few minutes every day on the relaxation of our muscles, tendons and joints, makes this eBook a valuable guide also for those who do not want to become ill and for «half-health». Which can (still) dispense with a medical intervention.


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Shiatsu - Healing with fingertips

Shiatsu - Healing with fingertips

Shiatsu - Healing with fingertips

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